Almost Every Corporate Team Is Dysfunctional

Books have been written on it – seminars created for it – yet dysfunctional teams are endemic. Why?

Are we trying to treat the symptom rather than the cause? Functional teams are more about individual capacity rather than skill. Skills equip you to deal with situations. They don’t ensure that you will use them when called upon to do so. If you are not in the mood or caught off guard the skill generally flies through the window. The underlying issue in most human frailties is selfishness, which more than 99% of the population is afflicted with. Selfish people lack the capacity to give. Instead they trade.

Trading Vs. Giving

Most of us think we are giving when in fact we are trading. Traders will do wonderful acts of service providing there is a personal reward – even if that reward means simply feeling good about themselves. The problem with trades is that when the trade is complete, there is little motivation to do more. Givers will give regardless of reward. These folks are few and far between. Having a team of givers eliminates all of the team idiosyncrasies that seem to plague corporations. Create a team of givers in your organization and that will be the end of dysfunctional teams. Learning about the problem and discussing the problem will yield scant results simply because individuals will lack the capacity to act on what they know.

How To Fix It

Building human capacity not only requires skills and tools. It requires a complete shift in understanding.

Reaching this new level of understanding is achieved through skillful questioning as most of us are sub-consciously dishonest about our motives. Telling an individual what his/her motive is would be futile as they would reject it out of hand. When individuals have nowhere else to go but the truth, then a unique realization takes place, which is life changing. Add to this the skills and tools to build the necessary capacity to be givers.

A team of givers will do wonders for your bottom line. It will also transform your workplace into a stimulating and innovative environment. It will make you an employer of choice and therefore able to recruit top quality staff.

If you are prepared to put in the effort and exercise the courage needed to work through change you will be more than adequately compensated. This process is only for those who are serious about their business and their lives. It will be the most rewarding journey you have yet embarked on.

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