Alan Chazen Profile

Born:                                                                   July 14 1952

Married to Leigh Patterson:                                 October 1 1982

Children:                                                             Dylan, Kirby, Drew, Baili

Started in the motivation industry:                       1976

Alan is happily married to his wife Leigh of 37 years and they have four children. He is the author of over “100 quotes by Alan Chazen”, three motivational programs, “LifeWorks” “My Ideal Lifestyle program and “Self-Mastery” and a world class sales program called Chazen Sales Systems. He is a leader in the field of Human Capacity building. 


Alan has given seminars and talks to companies on four continents including Lotus Software UK, The Institute of Real Estate Agents, Jacks Hardware Stores, Success Motivation International USA, The HomeMag Fl. USA, Liberty Life, Crusader Life, John Dory’s, McCarthy Motor Corporation, First National Bank, Absa Bank, Standard Bank, Investec, FreightMax, Old Mutual and many more. He has also coached top leaders in industry.

He is well known in South Africa for his five year stint on Wednesday mornings as a guest on Radio 5’s breakfast show with Martin Baillie called “Chatting with Chazen.” He was profiled on SABC TV’s “Profiles” and in “Woman’s Value” magazine, “Fair Lady” magazine and “The Star” newspaper.

Dave Boreham, well known international author, trainer and public speaker had the following to say: “I have been very fortunate to, over the past 17 years, be exposed to many of the top teachers, speakers and facilitators of the world. I personally believe that Alan ranks as the best. He has an incredible insight into the behaviour of people and a unique ability to teach in a manner that is salient, real and gets to the core of human understanding.” Dave Boreham CEO MCA Training International

Alan Ahlfeldt, a registered psychologist in private practice and a coach in the corporate arena had this to say: Alan has a unique understanding of human behaviour. It is different to what is taught at universities and very logical with a practical, outcomes based approach. This approach frees individuals to break through past barriers, which have prevented their progress. His training methods are revolutionary and I believe he has made a breakthrough in the human behavioural sciences domain.

Endowing individuals with skills or inspiration without first building their capacity to receive it is as futile as trying to empty a fuel tanker into a drinking glass. The majority of the load will be spilled and wasted. The same applies to books, seminars, courses and inspirational talks. The problem seldom lies in the material - it lies in the capacity of individuals to ingest, assimilate and utilize what they are taught. Alan has discovered over the years that there are only 4 root causes that limit human capacity. The same causes are responsible for every form of human unhappiness. They are the cause of every known human idiosyncrasy. 

He has developed a state of the art program “My Ideal Lifestyle Program” which eliminates these 4 root causes.

Alan has also developed a reputation for finding an individuals core motivator. Everyone has one yet no one seems to know what it is. Understanding what our core motivator is allows us to soldier through hardship with enthusiasm because we understand the purpose. It inspires us to do the routine tasks that most people shrink from that are essential to long-term success.

Recently while working with the executive team of a publishing company in Florida, USA he developed a sales training system for the sales team. He combined his decades of motivational experience with his sales experience and developed a world class sales training program for The HomeMag which addressed the two major challenges they faced in increasing sales – Low activity and poor skills. The results were so encouraging that he decided to add Chazen Sales Systems to his product line.

Beverley Lee Publisher in Raleigh North Carolina: He has given me a completely fresh approach to my sales strategy and, after learning his techniques, I truly wonder how I was successful before. His approach is much more relaxed, not only for the sales person, but for the client as well.

Darden Kelley: As someone who has been thru extensive training with some of the largest, most respected companies in the U.S. i.e. American Express, UPS and AT&T, I have never had anyone that has been able to provide the knowledge, support, and training that Al Chazen has been able to do. His services are second to none. I will use his sales process from this day forward, as it is proven and works.

The early years when fortunes changed.