Building joyful relationships

2/3 of relationships end up in divorce. Does this mean that 1/3 of relationships work? Not at all. Many stay together because better the devil you know or financial convenience or we couldn’t do that to our children or stigma and so on. Of the remaining third you will find very few relationships that actually work.

The tragedy is that the one element of our lives designed to bring joy brings the most unhappiness. Even working relationships when enhanced bring increased joy.

·        Why people fall out of love

·        Unrealistic expectations

·        Wanting your partner to change

·        Fault finding

·        Blind spots

·        How pride affects healthy relationships

·        Programming

·        Consequences of self-image in relationships

·        Eradicating blame

Human Capacity building for corporations

If you try to fill a shot glass with a jug of water, all you will do is waste the majority of the water in the jug on the floor. This is simply because the shot glass does not have the capacity to receive the water in the jug.

Likewise humans come in different capacity sizes. This is why when you send a team of individuals on a course you are often amazed at how some seem to get it, while others sort of get it and you are left scratching your head whether the remainder attended. This is perfectly natural and accounts for why 20% of sales forces produce 80% of the results and vice versa.

When you try to increase skill before increasing the individual’s capacity you tend to waste a great deal of training dollars. Each individual’s ability is based on their internal capacity and the “My Ideal Lifestyle Program” is designed to grow human capacity and give direction to energy. This equates to improved results from a quality organization. It makes you an employer of choice with an exciting, innovative and productive work force. It also eliminates dysfunctional teams – an epidemic in work forces today.

·        Changing internal programs

·        Holistic self-evaluation

·        Discovering your core driver

·        Using your core driver to motivate change

·        Creating a vision in 6 areas of life

·        Planning to create belief and desire

·        Affirmations to alter faulty programming

·        Human Capacity Building

·        Visualization

Course consists of lesson material on MP3

Self-evaluation questionnaires

Visualization downloads

Planning sheets

Affirmation downloads

Weekly 1.5 hour Skype sessions

Organizational planning

Most organizations have an idea of where they are going. Leadership teams are assembled to lead different departments in the organization. Experience has taught that few organizations have a central vision that each leader is tied into to produce exponential results. The skills required to create a vision and have all departments create their own vision to tie into the central vision are often non-existent. This leaves the team unequally yoked, often pulling from opposing directions, causing frustration and low productivity.

Imagine an organization where everyone knew their role in moving the organization in the direction of the central vision; when leadership meetings were as simple as inspecting what you expect and allowing the vision to determine what was needed and by whom, leaving no place for speculation, argument and politics. “This was your responsibility for this week. Where do we stand?”

CEO’s will have time to do what they do best, simply inspect what they expect, based on a pre-determined vision.

·        Creating an organizational vision

·        Defining Visions, Purposes, Goals, Action Steps and Do Lists

·        Learning how to prioritise

·        Understanding Human Motivation

·        What Constitutes a good Leader

·        How to state a goal correctly

·        How to break a goal down to daily actions

·        How to get the small things done timeously

·        Making Work Fun

·        Two things that determine the outcome of your life

·        Improving Communication.

CEO Coaching

Understanding human motivation

·        Establishing CEO’s hot button

·        Understanding the root causes of failure and how to fix them

·        Self-evaluation

·        Creating a personal vision

·        Aligning the personal vision with an organizational vision

·        Breaking the vision into purposes

·        Breaking purposes into goals

·        Understanding the qualities of a goal

·        Stating a goal correctly

·        Planning a goal

·        Daily measurement

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